No More MDI in SSMS?

After installing SQL Server 2012 I was disappointed to discover that the MDI option has been removed leaving me with having to use the tabbed interface. I hate the tabs. Technically the tabed interface is MDI ’cause you can undock a tab and separate it from the application. Once you do that though you can’t minimize it (unless you minimize the entire application) and if you have a lot of windows undocked you have a window management nightmare. The undock option is useful but doesn’t replace what I’ve been forced to give up.

My main problem with the tabs is that they interupt how I work. My screen is wide enough to only show 4 or 5 tabs at a time. The rest of the tabs have to be accessed via a pull down. When a tab is activited it becomes one of the shown tabs an a previously shown tab is relegated to the pull down menu. If you go find the tab and surface it again, it gets put back on the main header but in a different place than before. If I had become used to the order they were in I now find myself clicking a bunch of tabs looking for the right one. And if I have to look in the pulldown for the right tab then I end up doing a scrambled search which reorganizes all of my tabs and componds the problem when looking for future tabs (which were no longer where I left them).

In the 2008R2 version when a query windows is minimized it is put onto the main desktop of SSMS (assuming you have the MDI option set). I could then move the minimized windows anywhere on the screen I wanted. I could group these icons by the project I was working on. When I minimize the query window it always gets put back exactly where it was before. I could easily switch between projects without getting lost. If I had to do a mad scramble for the right window maximizing and minimizing them wouldn’t completely rearrange the working order I had set and since I had the icons grouped by project I usually only had two or three windows to search. I was very efficient with the window working like this.

After I installed SQL Server 2012 I found out the tabs were gone. Back to the mad scramble I suppose. I’m not digging the new SSMS interface at all.