SQLskills Immersion Training – Day 4, Index Analysis and Memory Performance Tuning

An unlimited supply of bacon is a dangerous thing.  I open up the lid on a steel container and bacon is there.  I come back 10 minutes later and the remaining bacon has reproduced. Pork is the paterfamilias of the non-vegetable proteins and bacon that replicates is the consul of pig products.

This was the best day of training for me so far.  SQLOS and memory usage is one of my favorite areas of study and Jonathan’s coverage of the topic was excellent.  I have a pretty good framework to work from having spent a lot of time studying it and the information I got today filled in some holes in my knowledge (and opened some new ones).  On Tuesday I worried that the shotgun approach to the material wasn’t good enough without some support information on how to use that material. The supporting info is what we got today.

I do feel sorry though for anyone who hasn’t taken the time to get a foundation in SQLOS and SQL Server memory management.  That was a lot of information and I don’t know how people absorbed it.  That is one of the problems when talking about a topic that is so broad where to understand A you have to understand B but to understand B you need to also understand A.  You have to start somewhere.

Kimberly completed the module on plan cache analysis and index usage.  It was good but I was distracted by the bacon supply.

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